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Tinkerbell - Peter Pan by Enikochan
Tinkerbell - Peter Pan

Yes, I am still alive :D~

Sooo, after a really long time,  here my new Cosplay - Tinkerbell!
I really enjoyed watching Peter Pan as a child ( and still do :D) I loved Tinkerbell, I always thought she's cute, beautiful, adorable and sassy :D Loved her.
I don't know the new Tinkerbell series, never watched a movie of it. So I don't know, did she change?!

To the Cosplay! :D
I wanted the cosplay to look more natural or forest-like...ish and a bit not so... new? xD So I used darker green. with the name color - forest xD~ wasn't planed but it was the color I wanted :D
But I still wanted to have the fluffy puffy puff balls on her shoes >) Because -> cute as stuff x3

Hope you like it! :3

The lovley photo is taken by Bhorn! ( <~~ check him out, he's awesome! :3
Alice Liddell (Madness Returns) by Enikochan
Alice Liddell (Madness Returns)
I really really love this game, but still did not finish it yet q.q way to less time Q_Q

I wore this Cosplay in September (yep... awhile ago... I just forgot to upload it oO...)
I really enjoyed wearing it! :3 I love the cosplay... it was comfortable and easy to wear! I was just scared that my fellow perv Skull on the back in top if the bow would fall off, because of my rucksack q.q But it survived! ... But not my Vorpal Knife... it died directley short before the con -.-...  The grip of it broke q.q... So we went to a store and bought SUPER GLUE! It glued really super xD It just broke directly next to the part I already repaired... amazing... >-< But after the second attempt to rescue the knife, it stayed more or less like it should... phew xD

Enough of the drama story! XD
I really like the outcome of the whole thing! I just don't like the skull of the bow (which is not seen here) so much because it just doesn't look like the evil skull... it looks more like a raper perv skull q.q' I'm really just a failure with modelling clay xD...

Hope you guys like me as Alice! :3

Thanks to :iconschokopanda: for the socks! :3

photo taken by: :iconschokopanda:
photo editing by: :iconrobinfoxx:
Matryoshka Miku (Vocaloid) by Enikochan
Matryoshka Miku (Vocaloid)
I wore this Cosplay at the Connichi '14 in Kassel (Germany) :3 The jacket is bought! To be honest, the only thing I made myself is the skirt, which is not seen in this picture! :3 I Really had fun wearing this cosplay, but my eyes weren't happy about the lenses, so I took them off directly after the shooting >o<!

This amazing phto was taken by the amazing :iconmarco-russo: thank you very much!
Stocking - Sex and  the Datencity by Enikochan
Stocking - Sex and the Datencity
Hey Guys!

This was one of my Cosplays for Dokomi'14 in Düsseldorf-Germany :3
I can't tell much about this Cosplay, because it is bought |D I Had not much time to decide on a Cosplay and sew it! So... I decided and bought it xD... I just had to make it a bit tighter :3


photo is taken by the great :iconhubby2k: !


Enikochan's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist
Thank you guys for all your favourites and comments!
I'm really happy about every comment and fav! You make me so happy !! T^To
I'm sorry I can't response to everyone! q.q

hugs to everyone! <3 chihi!

hey guys!

Con season started again! :)
it started a bit sad, because my sewing machine gave up and I had to sent it to the sewing machine doctors q.q But now it's back and works like it is newborn! Yay! *_*
For that reason I couldn't start with my plannend cosplay for the Hanami in Ludwigshafen ): But I could wear Marceline (Adventure Time) with my lovley group <3  (Because I just needed to look at my Closet and some shops XDDD)

Well, It's been awhile since I wrote something! But I don't know what to tell ): Anything you want to know? Haha I guess not XDDD

luv <3
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